Let me show you PROOF that I can write marketing copy that will increase your revenues and profits...

"Chris' landing page recommendations helped improve our conversion rate and lowered our cost-per-conversion. Highly recommended and will be hiring him for more work."   - Carlos Crespo, Motoza Marketing

Most copywriters SAY they can write "high-conversion" copy that "really gets results"...

...but few can actually provide any proof of that.

I'd like to SHOW YOU PROOF that my copy gets results...


(1) Landing Page: 62.84% Opt-In Rate

SCREENSHOT PROOF (click the image to enlarge it):

IS A 62.84% OPT-IN RATE GOOD? In case 62.84% doesn't mean anything to you, 13.3% is the average opt-in rate for similar landing pages (source: Wishpond.com)


  1. The offer played on the visitors' fear of loss, which is always more compelling than the promise of gain.
  2. The bullets in the copy made the free report seem valuable, but were incomplete enough to also provoke curiosity... which combined, made it virtually irresistible to opt-in.
  3. Everything on the landing page was about the visitor, their problems, and what benefits they would get by opting in. There was no company branding, no "corporate speak," no selling.


(2) Email: 60.0% Open Rate, 27.5% Click Through Rate

SCREENSHOT PROOF (click the image to enlarge it):

IS A 60.0% OPEN RATE AND A 27.5% CLICK THROUGH RATE GOOD? If these numbers don't mean anything to you, 14.4% opens and 7.3% clicks are the averages for this type of email as reported by ConstantContact.com and MailChimp.com, two leading email service providers.


  1. This email was extremely short. I wrote it this way to ensure that every person who opened it would read the entire email.
  2. The subject line provoked the recipient's curiosity and mentioned a competitor of theirs - these factors combined led to 60% of the recipients opening it.
  3. The email and the link inside it again provoked curiosity in the reader, leading to 27.5% of readers to click it.


(3) 4-Email Sequence: (see performance stats below) 

SCREENSHOT PROOF (click the image to enlarge it):

ARE THESE OPEN AND CLICK-THROUGH RATES GOOD? If these numbers don't mean anything to you, 14.4% opens and 7.3% clicks are the averages for this type of email as reported by ConstantContact.com and MailChimp.com, two leading email service providers.




Results count for a lot... but they aren't everything. What else is important in a copywriter?


Get the style and voice of your company just right

"He has a gift for adapting his writing style to exactly what is needed for the situation. (In this case, writing in the voice of a female directed toward other females.) I am always impressed by his work and will continue to hire him for jobs."   - Sherry Elle


"He is very creative and has been writing excellent emails and landing pages for us. I am continuing to use Chris as my key email/landing page resource."   - Eric Lundbohm
"Chris has a way with words, he was able to turn what was previously just a simple little idea into something superb, thanks again for your amazing work!!"   - Ben Weston

Professional, communicative, attention to detail, efficient, dependable

"Chris is very professional and produces great work. He has an attention to detail that is rare."   - Eric Lundbohm
"Chris has been extremely talented and a great communicator. He is extremely efficient and dependable. He deliver what is promised!"   - Denise Ho

Save you time, without you having to babysit someone

"Chris is an excellent copywriter, he's very easy to work with, doesn't need a lot of direction to be able to deliver exactly what you need."   - Sherry Elle


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